Family Fitness Philosophy-Marita Fitness Morgan Walsh Interview Part 2

Morgan Walsh Fitness Philosophy

Morgan Walsh Fitness Philosophy

Marita: Did you feel extra pressure to get your
body back because because you’re an actress?

Morgan: I did feel extra pressure to get my body back being an actress. Then eventually I just had to let that go because it is what it s. I mean three kids is three kids. So I just want to be healthy and be strong as an example for them. I don’t
think I’ll ever be the Hollywood skinny that is out there. I’m gonna do my best to be healthy. For
me, I really wanna be a healthy example for my kids. That is important. I do think we live in a culture where where we put ourselves down. Women put themselves down a lot. That is not ok for me anymore. I think I was really critical in my twenties of myself. Now that I’ve had kids, I think I just want to be a loving, healthy example. That’s my advice. To do the best you can and let yourself off the hook.

Marita: Tell me about this article about how it affected how you how you are with your kids?

Morgan: I just read something today. I also say that I’m glad that I have for a while now and tried to do
this at home. How anything, any reference I have for a while now and tried to do to a diet that I might be trying and
weight I wanna lose, Anything like that. The kids just hear it and they store it in their brain . Especially with mothers. I think it’s true for fathers as well. But this article talked with mothers. for me, that’s just so important. I don’t want my kids just to see me doing it. So they think it’s how we live and that’s how life should be done. Not that it’s something I’m doing on a crash diet or be this way or to fit someone else’s image. I just want to be healthy example.


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My Body After Pregnancy- Morgan Walsh Interview Part 1

Morgan Walsh talks to Marita Fitness about pregnancy and body image.

Morgan Walsh talks to Marita Fitness about pregnancy and body image.

My Body After Pregnancy- Morgan Walsh Interview Part 1
How to get your body back after pregnancy .

Marita Fitness is fitness for real people with real bodies with busy lives and no time.

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This is the first part of an interview series I’m doing with interesting moms I’ve trained in fitness. These women inspire me to keep teaching and to stay fit. One of my favorite things about teaching is learning about people’s fitness journeys.

Morgan Walsh is an actress and mother of three. She gained and lost 75 lbs. three times over the course of three pregnancies. We chat about her body before and after pregnancy. Morgan tells us how she lost the baby weight and keeps it off.

This is the interview.

Morgan: Hi.’m Morgan Walsh and you might know
me from Burning Love and pretty soon I’m in a movie called A Better You coming
to theaters near you.

Marita: Great!

Morgan: I’m so happy to be here.

Marita: Yes. I’m so happy to have you here. It warms my heart. Thank you. What was
your workout routine like before you had kids?

Morgan: Oh my god. I was a machine. Um, no but I
did run like two miles a day. I was really into kickboxing. And then I got pregnant I thought I’m not ever gonna lose my body because it’s that good folks. It’s that good.Yes. And then, very quickly I put on 75 pounds with my first baby. I’ve gained and lost 75 pounds three times with three kids.

Marita: Which is amazing.

Morgan: Yes . It is. And difficult. I was wearing pajamas pants for a year. Like once I got pregnant, I was pretty much in (pajamas). I’d wear black pajamas when I was dressing up. I just got used to that. I thought am I ever gonna lose this
weight? Is it ever gonna come off? I just decided slowly. I gave myself permission to take time with it. It slowly came off once I was just eating balanced meal and exercising. But not aggressively because I couldn’t . You know I had kids at home. It meant that I had to work it in when I could but I think so much of it too was just like being kind to myself. I’m telling myself that I’m not going to have this weight on me forever. Most of it does have a medical, biological reason that it’s here. Right. Did you tell yourself that when you were gaining weight too?  That I need, you need to do this for the health of the baby?

Marita: I think I got a little excited about making the baby super healthy.The first baby. I need this Haagen Daas for the baby.The baby wants Steve to walk to the liquor store to buy a pint of  strawberry ice cream.

Morgan: I walked into a restaurant, I’m not kidding. I needed tuna sandwich on white bread with one piece of lettuce. And that had to be it. It has to be that. I did not get it and I walked out of three different restaurants. It was when I was in early pregnancy . I was so mad.

Marita: It can make you passionately angry. You must give me what I need to eat right now. Then I got into this thing when I got bigger than it was like kind of fun. Get out of my way. I’m a big belly.

Morgan:People are so nice to you when you’re pregnant. And then when you have the baby…

Marita: Nobody’s helping you.

Morgan: They kick you to the curb.

Marita: You’re, like carrying your child and trying to put the groceries in and nobody’s helping you.

Morgan: Then you’re just a breeder and they’re annoyed by you.

Marita: Yes. They hate you. She lost seventy times 3. So that’s 210 pounds. That’s a lot of weight.

Morgan: I am amazing.

Marita: You are amazing! If I lost 70 and then with Axel, I only gained thirty-five.  But still a hundred five
pounds is good.

Morgan: It seems like we gain more weight now. Like my grandmother. I don’t know if this happened to you. My grandma goes, “How much weight did you gain?” I said, “Fifty.”She was like, ” 50? I gained 12. ” Wow .

Marita: They were like 12 when they had babies, too.

Morgan: She was in her twenties. I just think there’s something weird.

Marita: There was a thing because my mom is an obstetrician. She said that before they would tell women to not gain as much weight . They would be like,  you’re gaining too much.

Morgan: That happened to me. My doctor was like, stop eating peanut butter. Is there something else? Can you eat fruit without peanut butter?

Marita: We did this hippy dippy birthing class or somewhat hippy. It was based on the Bradley Method. All the Bradley Method books have these seventies pictures. It’s very graphic.

Morgan: Lots of hair.
Marita: Eat as much as you want. Your baby needs it.

Morgan: Yes! Thank you.

Marita: Hippies eating bananas. But but I took that to heart, too. So I think there was a shift.

Morgan: I really honestly wonder. Why is it that we’re gaining so much me weight now than before? I told myself that if I could show up for myself for twenty minutes a day . Then that would be enough. I didn’t try to pressure myself to do hour long workouts or to get to the gym. Because it’s unrealistic when you have kids, right? So I did home workout DVDs.
Many times the kids were crawling on me. I would just be using weights on the floor trying to do chest flies with kids on me.
It’s an extra ab work out.

Marita: It’s extra resistance when your child is on you.

Morgan: I was getting a lot of resistance.I tried not to eat the food I was making for them. That’s so hard. They’re eating macaroni and cheese or a lot of carbs a lot of dairy. Itried to just make sure anything I want to eat, I put in a salad. I did Weight Watchers. Yeah. That was also super helpful. They don’t want you to cut out any particular food. They just they caused me to be mindful about what I was putting in my body. That really helped. I lost a lot of weight that way.

Marita: Oh, that’s so great!

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How to Do a Simple Workout Routine and Do Dishes

sintnailSimple Workout Routine and Do Dishes

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Please leave any comments or suggestions in the comment section below. Please share if you have any fitness tips or a simple workout routine that works for you.

This is a simple workout routine to do while washing dishes.
This simple home workout consists of three different exercises.
I do dishes all day long. I do this when I need a quick break or before I wash another sinkful of dishes.

The first one I like to do is 10 calf raises. You want the weight in the balls of the feet. Squeeze the glutes a little bit.

Next , push ups. In releve. High half-toe. Your body’s angled towards the sink. Hands are wide. Draw the chest towards the sink. Squeeze those glutes. This works the whole body.
Especially the arms. Safe if you’re still recovering from having a baby .

Next one. Squats. You’re feet are about hip width apart, parallel . Weight’s gonna come towards the heels. Hold onto your sink.
Just sit down like you’re sitting in a chair. And do 30 of these.

Work up to it. Start with a set of 10 of each. next round do 20 of each. Last round do 30. You get different body parts going.
I’m already getting tired from doing this.

If your kids call for you then you can run
off and and deal with them and then come back and do this again.

Like Lulu says, yeah, and the running part will get you exercise, too.

Chores and simple daily workout. Done.

Super special thanks to the amazing Gerardo Escalante for DP and editing.

Marita is a certified Pilates Instructor by The Pilates Method Alliance. She has over 20 yrs. experience in the dance and fitness industry. Other certs include: Zumba, Stroller Strides, Cardio Barre, Billy Blanks, Jr.’s Dance It Out.

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Marita Fitness First Trimester Tips

Marita’s Pre-Natal Fitness. I am a pilates instructor and fitness professional. I’ve been teaching for over 20 years. In addition, my mom is an incredible OB/GYN. I grew up around pregnant people, worked in my mom’s office, and listened to her give advice to women for years. My mom is hysterically funny. I loved the way she would explain things to her patients. I think I got my funny gift from her. My clients have asked me to blog and make some videos about pre-natal fitness. I also taught fitness and exercised until the day I delivered with both of my kids.
 First Trimester Tips

First of all, congratulations. Pregnancy is a very exciting time. If your doctor as cleared you to exercise, hooray!

If you are new to all of this, pre-natal means pregnant. You be pregnant. You are pre-natal.

The first trimester is 12 weeks.

1. Drink more water. Like lots. You will have to pee more. This will be your new way of life. A baby is growing in your uterus. Your uterus is up against your bladder. Your body is making more blood. Higher blood volume means you need more water.

2. Sleep more. You will be tired. Honor this.

3. If you already have an exercise routine, great! It doesn’t have to change too much yet. If you’ve been doing a routine you love for at least 6 months, you are okay to continue.

4. Stay cool. Temperature wise. It’s for the baby.

5. Take more breaks. Your body is working hard on the inside.

6. If you get dizzy, stop and take a break. 

7. Start getting in the habit of lying on your left side with knees bent after 50 minutes of exercise for 5 minutes. This sends oxygen back to the baby. Some of my clients say they feel fine. It’s not about you. It’s about getting some much needed oxygen to the baby.

8. Start watching your balance. Your center of gravity is changing as you grow. Hold on to something if you feel unsteady. 

9. Get some support. As in a better exercise bra. Those girls are gonna hurt. Some gals like to wear two bras. I did.  I slept with two jog bras.

10. Make sure you are eating. Sounds obvious but this isn’t the nineteen fifties. Eat food. Healthy food.

11. Heartburn. For some women, sit ups and pelvic tilts give them heartburn. Ask an experienced, knowledgable trainer for an alternative move like planks or squats. I was able to do these without discomfort into my second trimester.

12. If you are new to exercise and pregnancy, find a trainer experienced in prenatal exercise to get you on a graduated, modified exercise program. This is not the time to begin an aggressive program. You can get a trainer referral from your OB. Or you can search online for NASM, ACE or PMA trainers. These trainers will at least have a base knowledge of prenatal fitness. 

13. Inversions. This means legs over your head. Handstands. Headstands. Or plow pose from yoga. No bueno according to ACOG. American College of obstetrics and gynecology. I’ve had some clients totally disagree with me on this one. They say,”I know my body and I feel its’s okay.” Great. It’s my job to tell you the safety guidelines set forth by ACOG. I didn’t do it when I was pregnant. One of the main reasons is that it sends blood away from the baby. Less O2 for baby. In later trimesters it can affect the baby’s position for birth. 

Please leave any comments or questions below. I will be posting tips for second and third trimester as well.

Playground Butt,Thigh, Swing Workout

Swing Workout! I love being able to multi-task.
Between each push, do a squat. Keep your weigh in your heels.Add variations as you swing.
Alternate with lunges. I do this whenever we go to a playground. My kids love the swing.
My daughter, Lulu, says this will make you very skinny-ish.

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My top is from Lululemon. Shoes are Ryka. Leggings by Elisabetta Rogiani.

Happy birthday, sister Marlo, arm workout!

My sister, Marlo, asked me to do an arm video for her while she is getting her Ph D in Leeds, England. This is a Pilates based workout I do with my clients. It is especially for ladies who tend to bulk up when they do heavy weights. It’s an excellent cross training component. Do this daily. It’s super quick.
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My sister says I do real workouts for real people with real bodies. Wow. Keepin’ it real.
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Also, my husband Steve, works at home. He is singing and rocking out in the beginning of the video. Enjoy!